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& Yamaji Art.
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Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria, Australia.
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‘101 Contemporary Australian Artists’ by Kelly Gellatly, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
‘Terra Nullius: Vierzehn 10: Mit Krimineller Energie & Über Den Dilettantismus’ HALLE 14, Germany2010    – ‘Wandhana Wonga Warnda (The Voice of Returned Spirits)’ Carol Dowling, Kuljak Djilba exhibition Catalogue
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2009    – ‘Women in the Bible’, exhibition catalogue, Rebecca Forgasz, Jewish Museum, Sydney.
‘Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award 2009‘ Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
– ‘Partial View, A : The University Of Western Australia Art Collection’ by John Barrett-Lennard,
Lawrence Wilson Gallery UWA, Australia

Culture Warriors: Australian Indigenous Art Triennial’ by Brenda L Croft, National Gallery of Australia

2008    – ‘Lines in the Sand: Botany Bay Stories From 1770′, Ace Bourke, Keith Vincent Smith and Djon Mundine,
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre
The art of missing persons: Loss and Recovery in the portraits of Julie Dowling‘, Recovering Lives, exhibition catalogue
‘To Arise From Sorrow: the national apology to the stolen generations’, Carol Dowling, Eegarra Bearaba exhibition    
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‘Recovering Lives’ by Nancy Sever & Caroline Turner, Drill Hall Gallery ANU, Australia

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‘People in my community …’ by Carol Dowling, Culture Warriors exhibition catalogue

2006    – Dreaming their Way’ʼ, exhibition catalogue, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington USA
Bal goort gootun gunyuing (Her heart has broken)’ by Carol Dowling exhibition cat To Arise from Sorrow..
‘Prism: Contemporary Australian art’  by Setsuko Nakamura, Norio Shimada, Tomoko Nakayama, Christine Nicholls,
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‘Dancelines : contemporary Indigenous art inspired by Bangarra Dance Theatre’ George Adams Gallery,
Victorian Arts Center, Melbourne, Australia

2005     – ʻMoorditj Djurapinʼ by Carol Dowling, Winyarn Budjarri exhibition catalogue

2004     – ʻUnfinished businessʼ byCarol Dowling, Warridah sovereignty exhibition catalogue
‘Terra Alterius : Land of Another’ by Margaret Farmer, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney, Australia
‘Holy Holy Holy : 13 contemporary artists explore the interaction between Christianity and Aboriginal culture’
By Vivonne Thwaites & W.H Edwards, W. H. (William Howell), Flinders University

‘Colour Power: Aboriginal art post 1984’ by Judith Ryan, National Gallery of Victoria

2003      – ʻVorwortʼ,pg 6, Indra Wussow & Ralf-P.Seippel, ART AUSTRALIA exhibition catalogue
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MCA Unpacked II : six Australian artists select works from the MCA collection’ by Vivienne Webb,
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

2002       – ‘Native Title Business, Contemporary Indigenous Art‘, exhibition catalogue
‘itʼs a beautiful day, New Painting in Australia: 2’, Bala Starr, exhibition catalogue
“Being a big Womanhead” by Carol Dowling, …big womanhead… catalogue, Artplace

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South  Australia’
by Brenda L. Croft,
Art Gallery Board of South Australia.

1998        – ‘The Art of Place: The Fourth National Indigenous Heritage Art Award’, Australian Heritage Commission, Australia

REVIEWS – Newspapers & online

2017        – ‘JULIE DOWLING: MALGA GURLBARL – HARD SECRET’, Global Gallery Guide Saatchi Gallery
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Series of works puts slavery in the spotlight’, Geraldton Guardian, Western Australia.
Aboriginal artists who are killing it on social media’, Welcome to Country, Australia.
‘Homecoming for Dowling’s Big Secret’, by Francesca Mann, Geraldton Guardian, Australia.
Cultural program designed to intrigue’, by Stephen Scourfield, Weekend West Travel, The West Australian, Australia.2016        – In Your Face: Recent Australian Portraiture and Indigeneity’ by John Mateer, Wasafiri, Volume 31, 2016 – Issue 2.
Taylor & Francis Online.

‘Invisible Genres examines the ongoing repercussions of European footsteps‘ by Anna Dunnill, Art Guide Australia.
Unknown Land: Mapping and Imagining WA shows how the west was wondered‘, by Victoria Laurie,
Visual Arts; The Australian Newspaper & Online

Common thread on display’ by William Yeoman – The West Australian
Don Dale detention centre abuse: WA artist Julie Dowling speaks of trauma in Aboriginal community’
by Justin Bianchini, Joondalup Times
2015        – ‘AGWA exhibition: Everyday acts of resistance’ by Vickie Laurie, The Australian Newspaper & Online.
Causing a stir: Storm in a teacup exhibition traces our love affair with tea’ by Andrew Stephens, The Age, Online
Walley’s new national outlook‘ by Stephen Bevis – The West Australian Newspaper & Online

2014        – Dowling’s images of love and loss’ by Lyn Diciero – The West Australian Newspaper & Online
‘Indigenous Women and the Arts’ by Anna Haebich with Julie Parsons, Curtin University, The Encyclopedia of
Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia, Published by
The Australian Women’s Archives Project.

2013        – Australian art’s great circus: loving and loathing the Archibald’ by Joanna Mendelssohn, The Conversation.
‘Indigenous art goes regional, from the heart’ by Sonia Harford, the Age Newspaper & Online
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2012         – The Paper Dress paints a not-so-pretty picture of Aboriginal exploitation’ by Bronwyn Watson, Public Works,
The Australian Newspaper & Online.

‘Sheila’s sheila’s’ – The Australian Newspaper & Online

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Swept up in the current’ by Rosalie Higson , The Australian newspaper & Online

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reviews – magazines

2016              – ‘Indian Ocean Shipwrecks: Four exhibitions in Western Australia’ by Darren Jorgensen, Review, Artlink Magazine2015              ‘Portraits, Issues and Insights: Julie Dowling’s Celebration of Aboriginal Women through portraiture’ by Amy Jackett
The Women’s Art Journal’ SPRING / SUMMER 2015 VOLUME 36, NUMBER 1
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1995                 – ʻFestival neglects the visual artsʻ by Dorothy Erickson. Artlink, Vol 15, No. 2 & 3

reviews – web blogs

interviews – television

2016                 – ‘Julie Dowling – Fine Artist’ by Vanesse Escalante, Dreamings Films. (Duration: 3 minutes. 34 seconds)
2009                 – ‘Julie Dowling – Picture the Women’ An ABC TV production. (Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes)

interviews ONLINE AUDIO & radio

2017                 – ‘Julie Dowling’ – FavourEconomy Vol 2. 2016 – 2017
2007                 – ‘Julie Dowling Strange Fruit‘ AWAYE ABC Radio National
2004                 – Julie Dowling Interview‘, Ted Snell & Sian Prior, The Deep End, Radio National, June 30
1999                 – ʻʻArts todayʼ Bruce James radio review, Radio National, 19 February

books & Publications – academic & Other

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