Divest from The Aboriginal Industry

For me, as a Badimaya First Nation woman and I suspect for many other First Nation people in ‘Australia’, there’s a unending 2 party cycle of government ‘change’ or lack there of.
Our lives look & feel like their used as fodder to gamble on a win or lose in any election. It’s heinous behaviour to see.
I’m glad I don’t vote for any of them and I send a protest letter to the UN ever time I have to. I’ve done that since 1993 and the reason is quite simple. I respect my elders more than them in spite of the many times I’ve been told that their system is ‘better’, more ‘fair’ or ‘stronger’. If it was all those things then why would my community be in such the situation it was and under their ‘leadership’?

I need what my family elders have always needed and that’s my own
‘de-colonised self-determination away colonial invader state’….bit of a long play in words I know…. so I’ll cut to the chase…freedom.
I need freedom.

They need to stop trying to tell me what my freedom is to them. They need to end how they abuse it because it all their promises looks like lies now.
They’ve said the same things and doing nothing since well before the 1980’s when I was a kid….and that’s every political party.

I’m not an ‘Australian Aboriginal’ in any political or designated term they use or they’ve festooned the media with propaganda about us…
I’m a Badimaya First Nation women full stop.

It keeps happening….the lack of empowerment I mean.
So I’m doing what generations of my First Nation have done before and that’s self-empowerment.

It’s torture with promises that makes me furious….party policy like Machiavellian chess games and our suffering only get the political version of a shrug. It’s all lies now and they keep at it ….Lies made because white supremacy needs money….it reflects the inequality we have across the board.
They need us as slaves….only barbarians would treat a minority like slaves or worse.

All government policy is reactionary about us and none of it positive.

The UN even said so here;

‘UN highlights Australian Government’s failure on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s rights’


None of it empowers or is meant to inspire self-governance according to UNDRIP.

They barely begrudge a shrug when our knowledge of us would possibly show up in any part of white supremacist founding documents of invasion called a ‘constitution’. I thought constitution meant something to do with the body being good and healthy?
Well the body is sick if that’s the brain.

We’re the element that brings election results for ALL parties but they’ve been saying the same thing every election since the 80’s.
Fear of us makes white supremacists consumers spend more.
We make money for them.
They don’t call it the ‘Aboriginal Industry’ for nothing.


How do we fight against that with ALL our resistance?


Divest from companies that abuse us.
Boycott their racism aimed at you & those you care about.
Oh, and don’t forget to tell them why.
Tell em’ they support systemic racism or they literally are racist. They can’t take you to court for your choices as a consumer.
If enough people stop buying into them then the whole lot may well decide racism or facing a profile of being racist just isn’t lucrative anymore. $$$$$$$$

Protest and point the finger at who supplies whom with power and shame it out.

Greed is NOT good.


–  Protest on the streets over bogus companies.
–  Be an honest shopper.
–  Buy local and if possible invest or buy from First Nation inventions and empowering        sustainable projects.

[Also, Don’t forget the brand names because they’re the things that the government loves more than your human rights.]

If you don’t believe me then check out who donates what to each political party;

‘Australian political donations: Who gave how much?’

And why do companies donate at all?
Because some bright spark said companies and corporations act like living breathing human beings that’s why.
Particularly in the US where they have a ‘vote’ worth more than anyone else…that’s how Drumpf got in.
Major companies & corporations are multinational and rely on the ‘Aboriginal Industry’ here with a trajectory from Amerikkka;

List of Companies in ‘Australia’

Donating to a political party is also tax deductible like a charity….like….why?
Charity begins at home I thought?

‘Australia needs an effective complaints body to investigate corporate human rights abuses’

If you don’t think you as a First Nation person are a political football & consumer mechanism then divest from the companies that back bent political agenda’s that want you to be a slave to it all.

– Feed and help your people.
– If they’re sick HELP them.
– If you’re too ready to consume like those that abuse you then stop ‘n’ cut the slave mentality by donating a box of food or cloths this year to your local community run gathering place.


– Donate to an organisation that’s grassroots.- If you got spare time then share it.

It’s how real humanity acts when you try to relate to evil.

If there’s an ‘Aboriginal Industry’ setting up in your own back yard then dismantle it from the product source. Find out who’s supplying it with oxygen and get it out! If it’s a company directly extorting and abusing your culture, your people and especially the vulnerable then expose them to the world via the media.
If it’s an international corporation doing bad things then don’t feel afraid tell the world. You might find you have a huge group who back you up 100%.

What’s needed first?

A genuine LIST of corporations doing the most harm to First Nation people so we can all divest & dump them.

Oh Look here’s a List of links of people to avoid and places to get help at if your community is being subjected to companies that are abusing your human rights as a First Nation person or your community;

10 Famous Companies With A Shocking Human Rights Problem

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Labor Right Forum


How do I file a human rights violation complaint with the United Nations?

Wiru Babanyu Warida Badimaya!


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