Maddington Artwork



Icon to a Stolen child Found 2012

It’s 15x10cm so it’s quite small. The best part is that it reflects on a number of the techniques I’ve been researching in historical portraiture.

The artists’ of the 17th-18th century that have influenced this technical journey have been artists such as William Hogarth and Goya.

High renaissance artists such a Michelangelo and Raphael are also influences on technique.

Goya and Hogarth speaks about morality.

European Christian art from the high and late Renaissance period also influences me as I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. Indeed, I was surrounded by icons and pictures about stories from the Bible and the lives of saints.

From before my professional career in Fine Art began in 1993 I’ve painted about racism.

My family are Kalaamaya, Badimia (from the middle of Western Australia), Pavee (the indigenous Irish) and Pict (the original Scottish people).


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