I’m Painting Porcelaine?

I was asked by my dear 10 year old nephew Curtis for a cup of tea and he promptly said my Japanese teapot was "boring...." Haha. So I decided to make my own by getting all the equipment over some months and it's become a kind of a 'hobby' if that's what artists in general... Continue Reading →

Veronica, my mother

‘Veronica’ 142x91 cm Acrylic, red ochre and plastic on canvas 2005 My Mum...the secret civil rights activist for her family....She used to read a lot and got a lot of her ideas about freedom from books....she still does ....

    It's 15x10cm so it's quite small. The best part is that it reflects on a number of the techniques I've been researching in historical portraiture. The artists' of the 17th-18th century that have influenced this technical journey have been artists such as William Hogarth and Goya. High renaissance artists such a Michelangelo and... Continue Reading →

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